BioBag Americas

Retail Packaging

Role: Packaging Designer
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Scope: Packaging for 12 Retail Products
Goal: Develop a consistent brand identity for retail shelves and meet specs to be approved by major retailers
BioBag updated its retail packaging as the first step in rebranding. The packaging also needed to be modernized as distribution expanded to include more national retailers to have better appeal to a larger, less niche consumer market.
The background leaf image represents the product line as a "green" alternative to regular plastic. The coloring also matches the brand's primary green color. Each unique product has a main image that depicts its use and contains the brand green and unique product color. Some products have multiple quantity offerings—using the same photo shows the correlation.
The long-term goal had been to establish the brand colors as green and orange. The yellow in the logo was to be transitioned out, with the logo itself updated down the line. The primary product in each retail category is the brand orange. This color use helps establish the brand identity in the products with the widest distribution. The remaining products are assigned red or blue for the most part. These are chosen based on competitor research to allow the product to stand out on the shelf.
A bold, uppercase sans-serif font choice for the product name allows easy recognition on the retail shelves. The subheadings are more informative about the product and are the same font in a thin weight. This combination keeps the font use consistent and establishes a typographical hierarchy for the brand.
The layout of the extensive body is out of necessity. To legally call the product "compostable," a few requirements had to be met. These requirements include a "for best results" section and canned regulatory copy. The placement and layout of the text also relied on close collaboration with the print shop and retail establishments—including Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Whole Foods,, and PetCo.