Gasparilla Bowl 2017

T-Shirt Design

These are the official t-shirt designs for the 2017 Gasparilla Bowl NCAA football game between the Temple Owls and the FIU Panthers. The game was played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL, and put on by ESPN.
The tattered flag ties the shirts into the pirate theme of the Gasparilla Bowl's namesake. Gasparilla is a pirate-themed series of events in Tampa Bay, FL paying homage to the legend of the pirate Jose Gaspar, who operated off the coast of Southwest Florida.
The taglines of the two bowl-branded shirts have double meanings relating to the game itself and the pirate theme. "Let the Battle Begin" refers to the game as a battle and the ship battles pirates are known for having. "Let the Invasion Begin" refers to the teams' fans "invading" the area for the game and related events, along with the supposed invasion of the Tampa area by Jose Gaspar.
The taglines of the two school-branded shirts refer to the pirate term "raising the red flag." The saying means to prepare for a battle, as the teams would be doing for the game. The teams' official colors—cherry for Temple and navy for FIU—replace the traditional red and associate with the flags flown by fans and cheerleaders.