Medicus IT

Corporate Identity

This project is a brand refresh for Medicus IT that creates a needed overarching corporate identity with set brand guidelines. The goal was to help the client better reach customers as an IT provider for healthcare customers.
The simplified logo gives off a more modern look while staying identifiable to current customers. This slight change keeps a previously complex logo consistent across both digital and print mediums. The subtle background pattern resembling circuitry forms an immediate association with technology by a new customer.
The original color scheme—orange, steel blue, black, and white—is not changed. The color balance, however, is adjusted. White is emphasized, with the steel blue and black as accents for a cleaner feel that relate better to their client base. Orange becomes a highlight color used deliberately to call attention to elements or lead the reader's eye.
The typographical hierarchy utilizes a combination of thin and bold font weights for headlines to emphasize the provided solutions. Serenity is the headline font chosen for its sharp angles that give off a corporate feel and smoother accents that make it approachable. That is paired with Open Sans as a body font to provide increased readability.
A set of brand icons and brand imagery create visual associations with the messaging of each business sector. Each business sector has a corresponding icon and image pairing. The general icon design keeps a "tech" feel, and the circle container allows easy combination with the circular logo mark. The imagery is modified to have a monotone steel blue color with an orange highlight representing the assistance given to the customer.