Sun Burst Inn

Logo Design

Role: Art Director, Designer
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Scope: Logo, Usage Mockups
Goal: Unify multiple logos into one that both reflects the hotel's offerings and stands out from local competition
Sun Burst Inn is a beach-front resort hotel in Indian Shores, Florida. The client had multiple logo iterations and brand assets in use and needed to refine everything into one cohesive identity. This project solidifies a logo and corresponding brand assets to complement the logo and establish a unique Sun Burst Inn brand.
The client wanted to broadly stay with their yellow and blue coloring for the palette. Keeping these colors allowed them to adjust the building coloring with touch-up painting instead of an extensive repaint. Using a darker shade of blue increased the contrast and readability compared to their existing color. This design keeps the client's yellow color, along with the addition of a golden yellow for use in gradients to provide some depth and represent the look of the famous Gulf Coast sunsets.
This logo is a nod to the vintage Florida look. The layout of the text allows the "SBI" to be used independently as a secondary mark. The recognition of "SBI" provides an opportunity for easy social media promotion with simpler hashtags. It also forms a correlation with "spring break," which is their busiest time of year—Sun Burst Inn is your Spring Break Inn.